Field Services


Calibration, Installation, Witness, Meter Tube Clean, Meter Run Repair, Communications

Fleaux Services provides geographically located technicians in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Texas. Our Field Services Team provides turnkey installation services, calibration and troubleshooting, custody transfer station witnessing and provides scheduled maintenance for a wide array of flow measurement and automation devices.  Our Meter Tube Services Team offers system borescope, repair, cleaning and micrometer data sheets.  For additional information, please contact


Meter Tube before    Meter Tube After

ABB_EFM    Regency-Gas-NGC-install

Field Services and Instrumentation

  • Meter calibration and equipment issue resolution
  • Custody transfer station witnessing
  • Measurement equipment turnkey installation
  • Measurement imbalance resolution
  • Telemetry and Communications
  • Site automation and production enhancement—Tubing and Casing, Valve Controls, Tank Levels
  • and more…

Meter Run Services and Repair

  • ¾ Ton Chevrolet 2500 with 36’ Fully Equipped Enclosed Trailer
  • Capable of Cleaning Any Size Meter Tube (8” + Will Require Customer Supplied lift to Remove from Line)
  • Complete Set of Necessary Tools and Equipment
  • Water / Waste tanks
  • Generator / Welder
  • Air Compressor
  • (2) 2 Ton Lifting Hoist
  • Stock of Single and Dual Chamber Meter Tube Parts
  • Hones, Brushes, High Torque Drill and Extension Rods
  • Meter Tube Cleaning, Repair and with Micrometer readings
  • Pump Repair and Services
  • Various other Oilfield and Industrial Services
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