LACT / Automation


ESD, LACT, Plunger, Level Measurement, Wireless Radio, Flow Control

Fleaux Services is a company committed to Oil and Gas industry innovative solutions with a creative vision of complete system automation through hardware and software products.  While investing in its employees and customers knowledge level of available technologies, we are devoted to creating simplicity through advanced Technology.

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  • Liquid Measurement—Coriolis, Swirl, Vortex, Mag, and Turbine Meters
  • Level Measurement—Floats, Guided Wave Radar, Head Pressure
  • Natural Gas Chromatography
  • Wireless Control and Safety Systems
  • Automated Flow Control
  • Wellhead Pressure Monitoring and ESD
  • SCADA/HMI Integrator Services
  • Spread Spectrum, Cellular/Custom
  • Control Panels

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